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A beautiful woman with Afro-braided hair covering half her face


Ready to transform your hair with intricate braided styles that celebrate Afro culture? Look no further than Beauty By Irene! Our talented team, led by experienced braiders, is all about delivering results that go above and beyond. We get the unique beauty of Afro-hair and take pride in creating gorgeous braided hairstyles that show off the diversity of Afro hair textures. With a focus on precision and quality, our Afro Hair Braiding services guarantee a polished and timeless look. Contact us to book an appointment to embrace the artistry of Afro hair braiding in Wigan.


Top view of cornrows on a child’s head


Revamp your vibe with our cornrows at Beauty By Irene. Our awesome stylists mix precision and flair to give you a slick look that suits your taste. Whether you're into classic, neat patterns or trendy, artsy designs, each cornrow showcases the awesome beauty of Afro hair. We guarantee long-lasting style and a cool look that perfectly matches your uniqueness.

Box braiding done on a young black woman’s hair

Box Braids

Change it up with our stunning box braids at Beauty By Irene. Our talented team carefully weaves each braid with precision, providing a versatile and easy-to-maintain style perfect for any occasion. Pick from different lengths and thickness options to customise your look. We deliver flawless results and a hassle-free, long-lasting solution for those looking to turn heads with this chic braided style.

Close-up of Afro hair twists on a person’s head


Revamp your appearance with the magic of twists at Beauty By Irene. Whether you're into the timeless charm of Senegalese twists, the chic allure of Havana twists, or the effortless vibe of Marley twists, our careful technique ensures flawless and long-lasting results. Embrace the twisty beauty that perfectly mirrors your personality and style.

A black teen girl showing her neatly braided cornrows

Call Us Today On 01942 342017 For An Afro Hair Braiding Appointment!

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