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Close-up on a woman’s long lashes


Beauty By Irene in Wigan is all about the magical art of eyelash lifting (wax and tint). Fancy a refreshed look without the daily mascara hassle? Our awesome team uses super-precise techniques to lift and tint your lashes, giving your eyes that natural wow factor. Say goodbye to fuss and hello to a subtle but impactful change that sticks around. Our Wigan-based salon makes the whole process comfy and quick, leaving you with gorgeously lifted lashes that frame your eyes with total elegance. Keep it simple and enhance your features at Beauty By Irene. Ready to transform those lashes? Contact us to book your eyelash lifting appointment today.


Close-up of beautiful female eyes with smokey eye makeup

Eyelash Lifting

Elevate your look with our eyelash lifting service – a careful technique that gives your lashes a natural curl, boosting the charm of your eyes. Say hello to beautifully lifted lashes. Enjoy the ease and grace of eyes that effortlessly exude a refreshed and revitalised charm.

Eyelash tinting treatment at a beauty salon

Eyelash Tinting

Enhance your lashes to the max with our eyelash tinting! Our talented technicians will apply a tint that gives your lashes a darker and more defined look, adding a subtle yet fabulous touch. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily mascara routines as your lashes adopt a rich, intensified shade, providing a chic frame for your eyes.

A beautician waxing a woman’s eyelashes carefully

Eyelash Waxing

Get flawless lashes with our eyelash waxing service. Our skilled team gently removes unwanted hair, giving you a sleek lash line. Our precise waxing ensures a polished and low-maintenance look. Embrace the simplicity and elegance of beautifully waxed lashes that enhance your overall appearance effortlessly.

A woman’s closed eyes before and after applying false eyelashes

Enhance Your Beauty With Our Eyelash Lifting! Call 01942 342017 To Book Now.

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