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A Model wearing a wig


Looking to switch up your hairstyle without the fuss? Check out Beauty By Irene in Wigan for a fab selection of high-quality wigs that cover all tastes. Our wigs are all about seamlessly fitting into your daily routine, giving you that genuine feel and comfort. Get ready to rock any look you fancy without compromising on quality. We've got wigs that nail style and convenience, so you can kiss goodbye to hair troubles and confidently tackle each day. Whether you're after a subtle tweak or a total transformation, Beauty By Irene has you covered. Contact us today to find a wig that suits your personality!


A female mannequin with a shiny black curly-haired wig

Custom Wig Making

Let our talented team carefully create a unique wig to match your tastes. Whether selecting the ideal hair texture or tweaking the cap construction, we've covered every detail. The end result? A totally one-off piece that blends seamlessly with your personality, giving you a look that's completely your own.

Back view of a wig with wavy black hair

Wig Styling

Turn your wig into a total showstopper with our exceptional wig styling service! Our talented stylists are wizards at bringing out the best in your wig, whether you fancy a little tweak or a bold transformation. From spot-on trims to creative styling, we'll take your wig game to the next level, ensuring it vibes perfectly with you and boosts your confidence with a stunning look.

Back and front view of a black wavy-haired wig on a female mannequin’s head

Wig Maintenance And Repair

Keep your favourite wigs looking fab for longer with our quality wig maintenance and repair service. We take care of everything from regular touch-ups to precision fixes. Whether it's giving your wig a style boost or sorting out those minor damages, we've got it covered. Rest assured, we'll keep your wigs pristine, so you can confidently rock your favourite looks with style and charm for many years to come.

A female mannequin wearing a wig with black kinky curls

Transform Your Look With Our Stunning Collection Of Wigs! Call 01942 342017 To Find The Perfect Style For You.

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